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How are you a better person today than you were ten years ago?

By eating the brains of my betters. I gain their knowledge, experience, and skills.


just wanted to say hai


i want to drink a bottle of bleach

The hate i feel towards all of you is nothing compared to the anger I have at the world. My job at 7-11 was taken from me, my life is now void of all love due to this senseless act of Equal Opportunity Employers. I no longer will be able to bloat my stomach with frozen artificial goo at any time I please. I no longer can eat 3 month old nitrate sticks of flesh at the drop of a dime. Oh how I sorrow, I beg you to end my misery god.

angryskul is lol

i like her on the rag cause i can pretend it's her first tim



i love aempirei

<@aempirei> i got a bantown airbrush shirt today


10:03:53 PM dan: hi
10:03:59 PM dan: please ban sdf from the internet
10:04:09 PM hep: rgree
10:04:27 PM dan: im not asking you to agree
10:04:34 PM dan: do it wench
10:04:39 PM dan: are you ircing from the bathtub?
10:04:45 PM hep: just got out
10:04:57 PM dan: how do you fit in the bathtube
10:05:04 PM hep: vaseline
10:05:04 PM dan: is it made for 4-5people?
10:05:18 PM hep: that too


Bare witness to the funnyness that is I;

3:06:55 AM yachtclubfag: i used to eat at the carls jr.
3:07:03 AM yachtclubfag: next to the xo building in downtown l.a.
3:07:30 AM yachtclubfag: i saw a bum snort a rail of speed off of the napkin dispenser placed on each table
3:07:38 AM yachtclubfag: its a very ghetto carls jr
3:07:40 AM yachtclubfag: i love it
3:10:23 AM hepkitten: ahhahaha
3:10:42 AM yachtclubfag: seriously
3:10:51 AM yachtclubfag: if you go to back of the carls jr.
3:10:56 AM yachtclubfag: where the bathroom is
3:11:02 AM yachtclubfag: its like BUM DEPOT
3:11:23 AM yachtclubfag: the carls jr. even has a 2nd floor
3:11:28 AM yachtclubfag: for non-bums only
3:11:39 AM yachtclubfag: because they cant carry their carts up the stars